Due to the opening of the granite gravel production shop Granit Mramor Company invites road-building companies, construction organizations and trusts, regional representatives to cooperate. Delivery of gravel is carried out by the rail transport.

The house decorated with natural stone, whether marble or granite, will always look solid, beautiful and prosperous.

     Stone is one of the first natural materials used by man for construction. This material was also chosen by "Granit Mramor Company" .

We have a particular specialization: granite and marble!!!

     Products made of natural stone were always highly valued by solid and wealthy people. The true, reliable, stylish owner of the house who values comfort of decoration and adorning of the house will always make his choice in favor of granite and marble.
     Due to the durability and unique qualities of stone a maintenance cost of buildings and adjacent land can be reduced up to 5 – 8 times comparing to artificial materials!
     For over 10 years we have been offering a wide variety of granite, marble, onyx, slate and semiprecious stone products that become elegant elements of interior and graceful part of the external house decoration, emphasizing the sophisticated taste of its owner:
  • granite and marble balls, columns, stone pillars for fences, balusters, capitals for pillars, poles and pilasters, granite and marble staircase, steps, handrails, arches, stone plinth, fence covers, granite and marble «lids»
  • granite and marble garden benches, pavilions, fountains and sculptures, fountains for the winter gardens, monuments, statues, busts, stands for the mailboxes, garden lamps, natural stone flowerpots, arch bridges for landscape design
  • marble table tops, granite windowsills, bar counters, desks and tables, barbecue stoves made of natural stone, fireplaces and fireplace portals, mosaic granite and marble panels
  • marble and granite bathtubs, sinks, wash basins, vases for flowers
  • marble chess pieces, paintings, original office and stationery supplies made of natural stone, statues of animals
  • • granite paving block, sandstone, ceramic granite, different types of natural stone borders: garden, decorative, ceramic, paving, facing
  • • exclusive memorials and other ritual products made of granite and marble: monuments, steles, flowerbeds, vases


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